Quality Control

SQC-verifies conformance to specification through detailed documentation of reports.

SQC-establishes a program to monitor all equipment requiring calibration.

SQC-initiates the general training requirements for contractor QC personnel in the field.

SQC-is responsible for Implementation of a Quality System results in reducing rework and waste and ensuring conforming work through documentation (Daily QC Reports) i.e. Quality assurance verifies that the quality of the work performed is actually what is claimed.

SQC-is responsible for document control, calibration verification, and identifying non-conformities and recommending corrective actions, as well as review inspection reports generated in the field.

SQC-is designated by upper management to supervise the quality process.

SQC-shall initiate all documents pertinent to the job spec and the quality program kept on hand at the job site and in the office.

SQC-administers a program to train, qualify and assess personnel. Worker performance will be evaluated at least annually through written and or hands-on performance tests.

SQC-shall maintain relevant NACE and SSPC standard, instructions, and other reference data to distribute to QC jobsite personnel and have on hand both in the field and the office.

SQC-shall maintain a Quality Manual to convey accurately, completely, and concisely the company’s policies, objectives, and governing documented procedures of the organization.

SQC-shall establish an inspection plan for every project as part of the work plan that establishes procedures for “hold-points” or “check points”. Vague, ambiguous, or contradictory items in the specifications must be clarified in writing. All concerns about the specifications should be addressed during the pre-job conference. Daily planning meeting and weekly tailgate meeting are essential to job success.

SQC-shall review all field inspection reports. Inspection reports are written record that verifies conformance to specifications and standards. Daily inspection reports shall be tied to each phase of work.

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